Developing a healthy and gender responsive society through women socio-economic empowerment


Rongai Social Economic Women Organization

ROSEWO was founded in 2008 as a community based organization (CBO) to empower women economically through table banking project. The project started with a membership of 200 women which to date has grown to 7,000 women. Overtime, since ROSEWO’s inception the members have gained from training on income generating activities, financial support and entrepreneurial training. Later it was registered with the Government of Kenya as an NGO in 2009.

ROSEWO is focused towards perfecting its programs which are it’s empowerment tools towards developing a healthy society

Communities clash over land ownership, land use and accessibility. Land as a resource is central to Kenya’s agricultural based economy. The constitution has ratified new land laws regarding private, public and community land as a way of facilitating fair exploitation of this resource. Land related conflict is a phenomenon that is recurrent at every election period. This is a concern for ROSEWO and is addressed in its objectives by promoting the establishment of income generating activities (IGAs) as an alternative to land as a resource. The organization advocates for equality in resource distribution and improve its accessibility for the marginalized poor.

Our Programs and Key areas

Through our programs we have reached 8,000 beneficiaries in partnership with: Poverty Eradication commission, Jamii Bora Bank, Women enterprise fund, HABITAT for humanity Kenya for provision of affordable housing